Retrochallenge Update #6 – Sidebar 1 : A new Apple IIGS system with goodies

I thought I was going to take my retro computing hobby to the emulator only route.  So I had sold off my pimped out Apple IIGS last summer, but when I ran across another on craigslist with no monitor, keyboard or memory card for a very reasonable price I couldn’t help myself.


Then I needed to get it to a place where I could use it so the shopping began and resulted in the following postal service bonanza.


But before any new goodies could go in the old clock battery needed to come out.  Amazingly it did have a charge left, but it still had to go.


Then I went for the new 4 Meg memory card from GGlabs via their ebay presence.


Followed by the VidHD video card that will allow HD quality video from the Apple IIGS.  It needs to be in slot 3. The HDMI cable had to be coaxed through the opening behind slot 2 and plugged into the board.  I may later opt for a panel mount cable that will allow the TV to be more easily connected to another computer.


Then two new pieces of kit from, the FloppyEMU which can emulate up to 4 smartport hard drives or a floppy drive for the Apple IIgs. This however is not a perfect solution as there is some contention between the VidHD card and the FloppyEmu that requires rebooting.

The wombat card allow USB keyboard and mouse to be converted to ADB and used with the IIGS,  moreover a non-bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse can be used.



I am housing the Floppy EMU and Wombat in old empty 3.5″ Drive cases to keep the clutter down and make it look more retro.



Next post will look at some additional enhancements to the Visual MUMPS environment.


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