Retrochallenge Update #4 – Drawing the Play Field

A short update here, but visually exciting.  It me some trial and error to get the graphics correct.  Also to be honest it is slow if I don’t up the speed of the emulator.  Likely a show stopper for the original hardware configuration.  Luckily we have emulators that allow us to test in theory how our old systems could work.

That aside here is a screenshot of the play field.  Scoreboard on the top, baseball diamond and player info in the middle, and message center and command buttons on the bottom.  The bases will turn red/blue when occupied during the game and the player on the base, along with the batter and pitcher.


Here is the same screen from the original Spectrum/ Timex Sinclair version.

New options D for defensive team lineup, B for batting team lineup

Game play coding will begin next.  This will be the most complicated part of the project.

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