Retrochallenge Update #3 – Player Data – and Update to Splash Screen

The Superstar Baseball board game is played by rolling dice and consulting player data cards or game charts for things like stealing bases and bunting.  The first set of data I have created comes from the  player and pitcher cards came with the game and look like this:

Keying in each outcome is a pain.  Then I found a board game web site an found there is a bit of a cult following for this board game and new “cards” have been created over the years and provided in spread sheets. So I have downloaded some of these and have saved as CSV files and converted to programs that will load as data.

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 11.18.10 AM

I have changed the initial splash screen to allow selection home and visitor teams from a list of 5 teams representing the best players of the decade from 1950 to 1990.


Here is a quick description of the variables used to house the player and pitcher data:

Variable Player :

player(“62″)=”SANDBERG^RYNE^R^B^1^2B153B12            ”

player(num) = data
Num is player number index

Data – Pieces delimited by “^”

1 – player last name
2 – player first name
3 – Batting hand “R”-right, “L”- left “B”-both
4 – Bunting rating “A” Higher Rating “B”-lower rating
5 – Running speed 0-5 0 slowest, 5 fastest
6 – positions and ratings – up to five sets of positions and ratings
first two characters is position next two are the numerical defensive rating


player(num,”l”) and player(num,”r”) – batting outcomes for dice role 30 for vs Left and right handed pitchers

1 – the character position in the string corresponds to dice rolls 10-39
with position 1 = dice roll 10, 2= dice roll 11 … 30 = dice roll 39

pli(“62″)=”R SANDBERG         R B 1 2B15 3B12           ”
pli(num) – formatted line for player data, used in lineup card and bullpen screens

Fixed length fields in single string of data


1 – First initial
3-19 Last name and space filler
21 – Batting hand
23 – Bunt rating
25 – Speed rating
27 on set of 4 chars position/rating separated by space

pitcher(“66″)=”DDDDDD    SS    F  – G- W—X-”                                 
pitcher(num) – Pitching outcomes tied to dice rolls
pitcher(num,”t”) – Throwing hand “R”-right, “L”-left


Line up data :

lu(team, lineup num) 

1 – player num
2 – position on defense (if linueup num is 1-9) – not needed if on bench

lu(“90s”,”3″)=”57^5″                                                            lu(“90s”,”4″)=”52^7″

This lineup show the first batter is player number 55, plays position 9 (left field)

and would look like this on the lineup card :




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