RetroChallenge Days 3-6 – Post 4 Dorsett Stats Tapes 4 to 16

Over the course of the last few days I view the majority of the Dorsett Statistics Tapes.  Each is 10-15 minutes in length and the topics covered included Graphical analysis, Distributions, Hypothesis testing.  The topics are covered from a high level with some minimal discussion of formulas, and testing, however some topics are not covered, such a p-values and testing for goodness of fit for distributions.  The statistics program I am developing in Kayan Pascal on the Atari 800 will have the Anderson Darling test for normality (fit to normal distribution) and some level of p-values on hypothesis testing.  I did find one issue with the Dortsett tapes – the file for ST10.wav was the same content as ST9.wav, not a big issue and I’m sure when Kevin Savetz digitized all of the Dorsett tapes it was quite an exercise in converting and cataloging and zipping.  I continue to be curious as to how there are multiple colors on the text screen?  My understanding of Graphics mode 0 is two colors (well really 1 1/2) color and hue for background and text, I will check on text windows in graphics mode 0, which might be how this is being done.

This will be the last post specific to the tapes and I’ll be moving on to the coding of the STATS program.  Here are a few images from the tapes:

Tape 5 : Probality


Tape 6 : Probability Continued



Tape 7 : Probability Distributions


Tape 14 : Hypothesis Testing


Tape 15 : Hypothesis testing continued


Test 16 : Statistics Review


This weekend I will pick up with Pascal coding of the STATS program!!!



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