RetroChallenge 04/2017 – Entry

I’ve just submitted my entry for the April 2017 Retrochallenge and my entry is outlined below:

Using Altirra the Atari 400/800 emulator complete the following :


a. complete the Dorsett Education program (cassette s/w with voice) on Statistics – 16 cassette files downloaded from and document at
The files are wav format created from the cassettes as pictured below from the download.

b. Write a statistics program in Kyan Pascal on Atari 800 (emulator) which will compute
descriptive stats, Anderson-darling test for normality, one and two sample T-Tests, one and two proportion tests etc.

c. create videos on creating the statistics program, as there does not appear to be any for Kyan Pascal on Atari

d. blog on the process at, update the blog on creating programs

Looking forward to my fourth Retrochallenge Campaign!!!



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