Post 11 – Retro C IDE – Help Options

Retro C IDE, integrates the CC65 compiler, the TUI C Library a number of emulators and associated tools.  I have found that having easy access to information about these other applications to be very handy, so I built in access to their websites into the Help menu.


Retro C IDE – links to this blog
TUI C Library – links to google sites info
CC65 Function Reference – links toCC65 site
CiderPress Web Site – the Apple II disk image tool web site
Applewin – Apple II emulator github site
Vice Commodore Emulators – the sourcforge site for VICE
Alitrra64 – Altirra Atari Emulator website
About – just gives the current version number for Retro C IDE

Missing is the link to the  Oricutron, Oric Atmos emulator site, I need to add that to the to do list.

Next post will be the building of a KENO game with the Retro C IDE for multiple systems.





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