Post 10 – Retro C IDE – Button Call Back Funtions

Continuing the theme of call back functions, they can also be added to buttons.  In this  version (1.0) of Retro C IDE the button call back functions can be set up in one of two ways.  First a button can be used to quit from the object processing code and returned to the menu system.  This is done by creating of editing a button and selecting the check box Default Quit Function.  This will insert the rci_quit text in the Call Back Function text box.  Here is a video demonstrating both the menu and button call back functionality video link.


The second option is to type or copy in the text from a user defined menu call back function.  This will execute this function when the button is pushed or the menu item selected.  I am already considering an enhancement to allow the user to define a new callback function here for the button.  Only the name the function is needed as the resulting C code created by Code Builder will use it as a function pointer.


Here is the Atari version of this application, showing both the menu and button for the My Function options.


The next post will discuss RCI help options.


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