Post 7 – Retro C IDE – Half Time Summary

In my second #Retrochallenge campaign I find I’m trying to capture the spirit in a different way than my first “Superstar Baseball” project. On the first challenge I held myself to set strict set of guiding principles, including keep to just this one project.

While I still have a level of focus on the Retro C IDE and Codebuilding program, I am not steering clear of other retro computing fun. I’ve already posted in this blog about my first side project the unexpected acquisition of three Apple IIgs systems, clearly an violation of the guiding principles.  I have some memory cards and and floppyemu (floppy drive emulator) on the way for those systems which will allow for the use of Retro C IDE to be run on the Apple IIgs.  I also have ordered and received a special cable for my Commodore 128 that will allow 80 column display on a TV via composite input.  While this is only monochrome it is still cool, so look for that in the coming days.


I am feeling good about the progress of the Retro C IDE.  I have accomplished one main goal of being able to write C code, compile with CC65 and run on any of the following systems: Commodore 64, 128, plus/4, Atari 400/800, Apple IIe, and Oric Atmos. I know nothing about the Atmos when two weeks ago.  The TUI library while “working” for the Atmos still needs some cleaning up.  The biggest difference between the systems is how screen memory is handled, describing that is a work all of its own that I might attempt after this round of the challenge.


Also the Code Builder parts of the project are coming along.  Window and a good junk of the menu system are built and working, next comes adding the objects (Labels, Text, Number and List boxes, buttons) this will be a bit more complicated and time is moving quickly.


Finally at half time the posting of blogs, videos and Twitter interaction will fellow participants is also something I really enjoy as part of the challenge.

So enough of this, it is  time to get back to some coding, Cheers!!!


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