Side Project Post 1 – Apple IIgs Fever



I landed 3 Apple IIgs systems from a lead on craigslist.  I was only planning on getting one, but as it turned out the gentleman selling was my daughters retired 8th grade science teacher, and the price we arrived upon $130, made me buy the three systems, each with a 5.25 disk drive and monitor.  Along with a pile of various education and utility software.

Now I will say they needed some cleaning up but they all work.  Two of them had an additional 256 KB memory cards.  So while I should have been working on my “official #Retrochallenge project I spent time on this side project #1.


As you can see in the photo above/below the systems have much discoloration from sitting out in the classroom for years, and some marking writing to identify each system.  This ultimately took a couple of approaches to cleaning.

My first approach was to use a “magic eraser” bathroom cleaning, which worked on the surface dirt and did remove the marker.  Hover there was making tape residue that did not come off until I used some “goo gone”.  Finally I used a Brillo Pad to see what I could accomplish and if you notice in the photo of the tow drives above you can see it did remove much of the yellowed color, and no it did not scratch the plastic.  See some additional pictures below.

The monitor directly above is the same one with the marker writing on it in the previous set of pictures, and here is the side view of a drive partly through the cleaning process.  In the mean time I have ordered two, one megabyte memory cards, a mouse and a Floppyemu – sd card reader to begin the upgrade process and allow me to try my actual retrochallenge project on one of the IIgs.  So enough time spent here I need to get back to Retro C IDE.





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