Post 3 – Retro C IDE – Create Application

This is the beginning of the Retro C IDE and Code Builder application.
I’ve started with a idea of what I’ll want in the menu system, and tool bar. The underlying concept is that I want to make coding in C (CC65 compiler) easy for me, and to incorporate via point and click, my TUI (text user interface library).

So here is a picture of the first part of the program.


There is the menu, toolbar, and radio buttons to select which computer to build the executable for, and a textbox for source code.  All the free space on the left side of the main form will contain the controls for using the TUI code builder (windows, menus, objects, call back function code).  If you are interested in the TUI library click here : TUI Library Documentation

The initial thought on the menu system is :


File – this will be for project level options, load, save, save as etc.
Settings – this will have compiler, emulator, project and utils settings
Build – these are the menus to build and save code, compile, and run in emulator


Help -this  will be links to help for TUI library, CC65, Emulators and utilities

The Tool Bar buttons give single click to these options in the menus.

Next post will review the settings.



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