Retro C IDE & Code Builder – RetroChallenge 1/2016

My January #Retrochallenge project is to create a windows (Visual Basic) IDE and Code Builder to leverage a Text User Interface (TUI) I have written in C and compiled with the CC65 compiler.  The TUI has capabilities for windows, menu system, and screen objects (Labels, Text box, Number box, buttons etc.) and built in functions for Message box and Input box. See a YouTube demo here.  The idea behind the IDE and Code Builder is to have the ability create a C program using the TUI library and create the bulk of the program through a point and click interface.

The IDE & Code Builder will have single click ability for each of the following:
(1)  generate C code for the client application from the VB program
(2)  to compile C source to platform specific executable
at least Commodore 64 and Atari 800, with stretch goals for
C0mmodore Plus/4 and Commodore 128
(3)  Run compile program in Vice (Commodores) and Altirra (Atari)

While I would love to be able to complete a full program point in click there is the ability to call user written functions from Buttons and Menus so the IDE will allow for writing of C code as well.

Below are samples of what a program written with the TUI look like, these are proofs from the actual library, not yet with the IDE & Code builder








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