Day 31 – Retrochallenge July 31 Final Thoughts


Superstar Baseball Board Game
Superstar Baseball Board Game


Game 6 Final
Game 6 Final

As I wrap up my first experience with a Retrochallenge a few things I’d like to share:

1. I would not have accomplished what I have in the past month including the programming, documentation and sharing of my ZX-Spectrum Timex Sinclair 2068 Superstar Baseball game if I had not participated in the challenge and if I did not hold myself to the Guiding Principles.  I also found the peer support and banter quite motivating.  If anyone would like a copy of my program just give a shout on twitter to @TraidnaComputes

2. I learned many new things

a. Spectrum Basic programming – user defined characters, how data and restore can replace array data on this platform by allowing variables in restore commands.  Input of numeric variables will accept and error on characters, SCREEN$ for loading screens and I am sure much more.

b. the ZX-modules tools (Edit, Paintbrush, Block Edit, View), being able to have some of the comforts or new technology to improve my retro coding skills made this much more palatable.  I now have a much better understanding of the structure of a ZX-Spectrum cassette file

c. Emulators : great tools for developing but still prefer running the software on the good old hardware.  My choice of EightyOne for my Windows emulator was for the .WAV file creation feature which I used to load programs on my Timex Sinclair 2068 both from my laptop and my IPhone.

d. Social Media tools : Twitter and WordPress skills are much improved through usage during the challenge.

Finally I am sure there is much work involve for our friends who run this than we know so I am appreciative of the time spent on those efforts.  I appreciate the witty and not so witty banter and support of all.

Most of all it was great FUN and I am already having some ideas for winter 2016 involving a TI 99/4A with voice synthesizer and a Raspberry Pi… stay tuned

Tom Raidna


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