List for potential future enhancements

My list for future enhancements to Superstar Baseball

  1. Optimize some code to free additional RAM for more options
  2. Port to other computers Apple ][, Commodore 64, TI 99 /4a, Tandy Model 100, Atari?
  3. (I have an idea here for using Free Pascal / Lazarus to write some conversion tools to help with this)
  4. Change input handling, I used all standard INPUT functions, which can have some undesired effects, there may be a better option using INKEY$
  5. Add more robust error handling (see #2 above)
  6. Add Hits and Errors to the Scoreboard at the top of the screen (this may be more feasible for other computers that have 40 character column displays, see #1 above)
  7. Add score sheet view, the original game had a pad of score sheets, is there enough RAM left to do this
  8. Add ability to import more/different teams or players
  9. Utility to draft teams for all player data
  10. Add pitcher tiring based on the number of batters faced, this would remove outs from the pitcher data card, with a tire % display to make the game more realistic.
  11. Better handling of scoreboard for extra innings
  12. Speed up change roster functions screen display (use assembly?)
  13. Play series option, where pitchers are inactive for a set number of games based on number of innings pitched or batters faced
  14. Add some aftermarket “play charts” such has “Hit and Run” and “Injury”
  15. Have a season mode, for multiple teams with compiled standings and statistics
  16. Have vs computer mode
  17. Add sound hits, outs, runs scored (voice on some see #1 above)
  18. Timex Sinclair 2068 – color options for emulator versus actual hardware

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