Day 25 – Wrapping up some Odds and Ends – final punch list

Today and over the last couple of days I have been getting close to finishing the game and getting a good head start on some program documentation and providing source code (see earlier post)

I’ve added some new functionality recently:

1. Sacrifice Bunting
2. Suicide Squeeze bunting
3. Menu Help Option
4. End of Game processing and final score display
5. Added in generic batting stats for pitchers

Here is a quick view of the menu help, it gives a reminder of what each letter in play screen is used for :

Menu Help

Also I added the logic for end of game which can be tricky, game is over if

– Inning is equal to or greater than 9 and home team has a greater score than visitors, even if home team has not batter in bottom half of the inning, or scores during the bottom half of the inning to take the lead.

– Visiting team has a greater score and inning is 9 or greater and home team has completed batting in bottom half of the inning

Here is what the final display looks like:

Final Score / game over processing

To Finish up I have a short punch list:

1. finish coding on manager options on certain plays like sacrifice flys and certain special types of hits
2. Pinch running and Pitch Hitting
3. Finish QC
4. Complete documentation and upload final source
5. Play and video parts, a best of seven game series.

Still a lot to accomplish in the remaining days.


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