Day 12 – The game play screen

Here is the main play screen for Superstar Baseball.

For the actual game screen I wanted to incorporate the old fashion line score by inning that you see at the top of the screen.
The team that is at bat (H-home or -V-visitor) will be show in reverse video in this section of the screen, also the inning number and number of outs this inning are shown. So in this example the visiting team is at bat, in the second inning, with no outs.

Also a newer modern view that can show the current batter and pitcher, which bases are occupied (middle section on left, empty bases in white, and colored if a based is occupied), and the names of each base runner.  This type of view is very typical of what is seen on TV coverage of baseball games, a sample is show in the picture on the first picture below.
In the example below Willie Mays is on first base, second and third are unoccupied, Roberto Clemente is at bat, and Cy Young is pitching for the home team.
The bottom section of the screen in white, will be where the messages describing the outcomes of each play.  Finally the menu line at the bottom are the selections for game play.

S – batter swing, 2 – attempt steal second base, 3 – attempt steal third base, H – attempt steal home
L – view/change batting team line-up, P – view change pitcher, Q – quit game

There will be some additional options added as more game play features are added. Also as I noted in an earlier post their are some challenges with colors on the actual Timex Sinclair 2068 vs the emulator so I may need to adjust colors as time permits.

IMG_0470 BBplayscr


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